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This time, it was filled with joy. We were able to give joy to children and for many it was the only holiday of spring. Among the tears and sorrow of war in Ukraine, the children were able to feel that in this world they left behind. And always there for them there is love in the hearts of adults. I want to share with you our Easter projects. . I am very glad that we are the Kiwanis family/  I will send you information and pictures about the holiday that made our women for children at Easter. We spent Easter with one of our big Projects summary – Easter hunt. This year we had 150 children. The program has been in the woods. Our members together with young assistants put in candy eggs and then disintegrating eggs in the woods. We had 3 groups of children – there were 3 program. Also, children received Easter sweet bread. It is also a tradition at Easter every child should receive the Easter bread. We invited our holidays children who do not have parents. and refugee children. We drove Easter bread 50 children with a diagnosis of autism. I am glad that we were able to give the love of many children. Now we are preparing a program for Children’s Day. And they began to prepare the program for two summer camps. One camp for young children we spend at sea, another teen in the woods in tents. This year it will be very difficult. Children’s camp we will conduct not far from the places where recently passed military action. Now they do not shoot. I Do not know what will happen in the summer. We are now in a very difficult position .80 percent of the people have become very poor. Many people are unable to buy even bread. The war goes on, the soldiers die. Killed civilians, many children live on the streets. They are children and adolescents with Donbas. Often, they just go to those places where there is no home without their parents. We have in a lot of shooting. Pray for our country. That’s why we now want to do more for children who no longer believe that they will have a peaceful life and your home. Thanks again for your support. help and love. I know what you think about the children in Ukraine, children who are now suffering from the war. Thank you for your kind heart.

Our Ukraine is constantly receiving test.


               In 2011, Lora Pavlenko of the Kiwanis Club of Kiev in the Ukraine, made contact with our club, the Kiwanis Club of Keyport in New Jersey, USA via our Website.

We started corresponding back and forth via emails.  Lora would tell us what her club had been doing and would send pictures.  We, in turn, would tell her what our club had been doing.

During the time since, we have been able to help them with certain requests.  They needed Disney Princess costumes and toys for a party for girls from poor families and orphanages.  They could not obtain the items in the Ukraine and asked if we could help them.  For the past two years, we have been able to send them what they requested.  We collected the items through donations and/or purchases and mailed them out.  We were apprehensive, because we had never mailed a big box to another country.  I asked Lora to email me as soon as she received the package.  It took quite a time for the box to get there, not like mailing it here in the states, but they did receive it.  Their club does so much for the children, especially those of poor families and those in orphanages.  They hold parties for the children, take them out camping, and in some instances even provide food and caring. We are very happy that Lora contacted us, that we have a “sister” club in another country, and will continue to talk with one another via email and help them whenever we are able.

Judith L. Poling
Kiwanis Club of Keyport , NJ , USA

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Hello Judy

Thanks for your reply and prayers . With each passing day the situation in the country is very dangerous .People have become more poor .Everywhere shoot , kill people even here in Kiev.We pray for our people. Many of our club members have lost their jobs . This is due to that we have young members of the club and worked in different companies that were with Russia .
Easter is one of the most important Christian holidays in Ukraine. The exact date of the holiday changes from year to year but it usually falls on April. Preparation for Easter starts seven weeks before the actual holiday. It’s called the advent of Lent. Many Christian people don’t eat meat and animal products during this period. The week before Easter is quite busy because people start thoroughly preparing for the holiday. For example, in our country the Sunday before Easter is called a Willow Sunday. On this day people bring home some willow branches which have been blessed in church. Thursday before Easter is called Clean Thursday. Traditionally people should bathe before sunrise on this day. Houses and flats should be cleaned too. There is also a Good Friday. It’s the day when women bake Easter bread called “paska” or “paskha”. On Saturday children dye Easter eggs, which are called “pysankas”. In the evening people go to church for the Easter mass, which lasts all night. Sunday is the actual day of Easter. People visit each other on this day and exchange colourful “pysankas”.
We had a lot of work on this holiday. Before Easter day we had preparing for Easter charity projects. Also we made annual «Easter hunt» for kids. We’ve got a lot of plastic eggs and filled them with candies.
We made paper present boxes with eggs for children with disabilities. Also we prepared some program for them: puppet-show, songs, presents.
On Easter we made great program for kids. This Goad God gave us the opportunity to serve different children. These children are diagnosed with autism, cerebral palsy. orphan children growing up without parents. During the program, we received a special test. It’s 100 children. We expected more children. But on the day of the Easter program started pouring rain and all the great our actions take place in the rain. Children stayed until the end. And got ooromnuyu joy.First morning part was for little kids, and after, at midday, was program for teenagers. Our Easter program began with puppet-show, singing, games and than «Easter hunt». Kids were so happy, they had to found colorful eggs in the forest park, of course volunteers helped them and looked after.
It was great day, great blessed Easter day.
Love LOra
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