Funding Glory Aenea

The funding for Glory to attend school has been an ongoing project of the MAST Key Club”

Dear Mr. E,
I hope this finds you well!
I wanted to reach out with some exciting updates from Glory and Tumaini Junior School!
First of all, just a friendly reminder that we have transitioned to two written updates per year: one in June/July and one in December/January. Glory continues to excel in Form I at Ganako Secondary School in Karatu and will be preparing a note for you with updates from her secondary school life in the coming weeks.
Anyway, since my departure from Tanzania in February, school days at school have remained busy, both for Tumaini and Ganako students. Tumaini welcomed Gould Academy back in March, completing the second (and very successful!) student cultural exchange trip. Eight of Tumaini’s Standard VII students were chosen to partner with Gould’s eight students for a 10-day long adventure of home stays, safari travel, and helping to set up Tumaini’s library.
To that end, I am thrilled to announce that all of the library books gifted to Tumaini in August 2012 have safely arrived in Karatu, thanks to a very generous safari-goer who visited Tumaini in the summer of 2013. During his afternoon at the school, we spoke about the ongoing challenges of transporting donated items to Tanzania, including the 60+ book boxes still sitting in the US. Shortly thereafter, we received word about his orchestrated plan to have his company, PepsiCo, donate two pallets so that all books could safely arrive into the hands of Tumaini students and staff! Needless to say, on a cloudy April day, there was much excitement and joy as the PepsiCo van arrived to Tumaini’s campus! For your convenience, I have attached several recent photos with glimpses of Tumaini’s library progress and the completed fourth floor! You will also find a photo of some students learning about paper recycling from a local artist.
Back to Ganako: Glory and two other JOS-sponsored students have been laboring over their Form 1 classes since January. They enjoyed a brief respite for the Easter Holiday last month, and have returned to studying hard before their month-long holiday in June. Glory’s great work ethic, honed through her time at Tumaini, has been proven in her steady grades as a high school freshman.
Thank you for your generous support; we are grateful for your partnership!
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