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Potential New Member,

For over 100 years Kiwanis members across the nation have come together to meet the needs of our communities and out children through volunteer service. Join our mission and improve the quality of life for those who are less fortunate.


A collection of people acting as one can create change for the betterment of all is powerful. When we come together, nothing can stop us. Over the past five years, we have helped Eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus—a deadly disease that steals the lives of 34,000 innocent babies and a significant number of women each year. We have closed the gap and only 16 countries remain.

Every year, Keyport Kiwanis raises thousands of dollars for our local community needs. “Never have I been a part of such a ‘make it happen’ group of individuals. I honestly believe that there is nothing we cannot do. The compassion that each of us possesses for other members of our community is truly humbling. I am honored to be a Sertoma member and greatly anticipate all that is to come.” – Kiwanis Member


  • Annual Events: Chicken Fry, Fish Fry, A Day at the Races, Comedy Night;
  • Kiwanis gives away nearly $5,000 in scholarships to graduating high school seniors;
  • Commitment to bettering the lives of others in our community. Be sure to check out our past Service Projects;
  • Focusing on children and youth;
  • Plan/execute local service projects by partnering with other organizations such as Habitat for Humanity after Sandy, the local food kitchen in Keyport; or grilling hotdogs and hamburgers for our local responders;

These are just some of the many activities that make our membership great.


  • Leadership training and personal growth opportunities.
  • Networking and learning about your community and its priorities.
  • An opportunity to make a real difference – the ultimate “feel good” opportunity.
  • Focusing on improving the lives of others.

I hope you join us. Please fill out a membership application if you are interested.


Penny Van Doorn, President
Steven Dollinger, President-Elect
Martin Slezak, Board of Director